Our Goal

What's next?

We have recently been involved in the first organized MMA Event at the Belize City Center dubbed "Battle in Belize 1", which officiated by CAMO (California"s Amateur MMA Commission). Our goal is now to extend this sport to other parts of the country, with our first event to be held in Orange Walk on April 27th 2019. Under our promotion theme "PRO FC presents Sugah City Fight Night 1"; we will feature 10 Amateur MMA bouts which will be streamed live by our television partner TNC 10 and on our YouTube channel.

We are in the process of purchasing an MMA Cage (Octagon); and are seeking sponsorship from your prestigious company to display your logo as one of our premium "Cage Sponsors". We believe the time is right for this sport to take off in Belize; as it is the fastest growing sport in the world.


How Can You Help

Become a Cage Sponsor

MMA is not just "fighting"; but an avenue to give our youths and athletes the opportunity to better themselves by doing a sport they love and enjoy. If you would like to consider sponsoring one of our "Cage Sponsorship" packages below, please contact us today!

Major Cage Sponsor

This is our major sponsorship package and includes your logo prominently placed on the center of the Cage Canvas. There is only 1 spot available for this sponsorship and will be exclusive to this package.

It will also include the following details.

  • In-Store Appearance by Atheltes - We will bring our atheletes for an in-store appearance at any of your stores, on a pre-determined date for a meet and greet and photo session.
  • Your logo on all event t-shirts: Your logo will be placed prominently on the back of all event t-shirts that will be worn by the athletes, officials and given to the VIP fans.
  • Your logo on all Media: You will be prominently highlighted on all our media appearances and advertisements as our Major sponsor including TV, Radio & newspaper. You will also be prominent on our live broadcast on TNC 10 and Youtube.
  • Social Media: You will be prominently be displayed as our Major sponsor on all Social Media channels including our Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram, twitter & website.

Regular Cage Sponsor

This is our secondary placement, highlighted above as Regular Cage Sponsors. There will be a total of 3 spots; and you will select a secondary spot along with 2 other sponsors.

Your logo will be displaced on the outside portion of the Canvas; along with the following details:

  • Your logo on all event t-shirts: Your logo will be placed on the secondary sports of event t-shirts worn by athletes, officials and VIP Guests.
  • Your logo on all Media: You will be highlighted as a Cage sponsor on all our media appearances and ads including TV, Radio & Newspaper. You will also be highlighted on our live broadcast.
  • Social Media: you will be highlighted as a cage sponsor on all our social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter & Website.